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Seeking counselling can feel a daunting, alien and sometimes embarrassing endeavour. All nature of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes can get in the way: ‘I should be able to cope with this’... ‘Everybody else manages’... ‘How can just talking make things better?’... ‘I bet the therapist will think I am overreacting, weak, stupid, incompetent .............’

Fundamentally, therapy starts with a safe place, an uninterrupted and regular period of time and an exchange with a trained, compassionate and impartial other. 

During our work together, we will explore your unique experiences and their impact on the quality of your life. This will help us come up with a theory to explain what is at the core of your struggles, what has led to current issues and what is keeping them going. Part of the therapy may involve developing an understanding of how the mind works, how beliefs form and how different experiences tend to affect individuals. Making sense of thoughts, feelings and behaviours and sometimes questioning them can enable an opening up to new perspectives and some experimenting with new responses. 

Counselling can be an investment in yourself and your future, a commitment to understanding yourself better and live your best life. Equally, it can be a step towards healing past wounds, alleviating distress or working towards a solution to a specific problem. There are many reasons why someone may seek counselling and the process can vary greatly from one person to the next or one set of difficulties to another. I can help you with change or acceptance, finding meaning in your life and working on problem resolution or management whilst maintaining a realistic yet hopeful and always compassionate stance.

So... why not get in touch and we can take it from there...

COVID 19 Update

I am pleased to let you know that I am aiming to return to some face to face counselling for those of you whose preference it is. Unless government guidelines advise otherwise, this should take place around the end of September 2020. I will continue to offer online and telephone counselling to those whom it suits best.

To keep you safe, I will be adhering to a thorough cleaning regime before and after each appointment. A full sized perspex screen will provide protection whilst enabling us to see each other fully. This means that no masks will be necessary. There will be access to hand sanitizer by the entrance of the therapy room. I am of course very happy to answer any questions and discuss any specific concerns you may have. In order to further minimize virus transmission, I will continue to provide any documents in digital format and would kindly request payment by bank transfer. 

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